Virtual Wedding Ceremonies

Now more than ever, it’s time for couples to get creative about saying their I-do’s! It’s the power of technology that will allow couples to plan their weddings and not wait for the pandemic to be over. Digital technology is at your fingertips and will help you plan your wedding pandemic style!

 2020 has been a tough year to plan a wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. And everyone from the bride and groom to the entire wedding industry has had to pause, re-group and consider the possibilities of a virtual ceremony. Taking advantage of video chat and skype are viable tools to create a beautiful wedding in this new restrictive environment.  

Change Your Mindset

Having a virtual wedding is a wonderful alternative to waiting until the pandemic is over to tie-the-knot. It may not be what you’ve planned your entire life for, but by changing your mindset to accept these challenges, the wedding couple can still create a beautiful and memorable event. And frankly, during these challenging times, being able to plan for a special event really gives you something to look forward to while the world around us just seems off-kilter. 

The reality is that family and friends who would otherwise have to travel to attend your wedding, can now share in the couple’s happiness from the safety of their homes. In trying to find the silver lining of a virtual wedding ceremony, realizing that you can bring this joy into the homes of so many people who are isolated during this pandemic, is quite special.

Capture the Traditions

Trust me when I say that although planning a virtual wedding ceremony sounds so much simpler than planning a traditional wedding, the bride and groom will still have a lot of details to consider. Virtual invitations, technology and considering the time zones of your guests are among those things which must be considered. 

And the reality is that the wedding couple can still plan many of the more typical wedding rituals,  just on a smaller scale! Caterers can still be hired to deliver meals to local guests, the bride can still carry a wonderful bouquet of flowers, the ceremony can still be under a chuppah and pictures can still be taken in front of a wonderfully decorated backdrop! And don’t forget videography/streaming. Wedding couples can now really consider the importance of the best camera angles and really coordinating with the photographer to create the best wedding memories possible!

Wedding Details

My suggestion is that you go ahead with your wedding plans and embrace the possibilities. Create a wonderful backdrop with luscious florals, invest in good technology, test your internet connection and focus on good lighting. You might even consider having a streaming administrator to mute and unmute microphones and generally assist your guests on-line. You can even consider having your guests pre-record personal messages to share on the day of your wedding. 

Virtual Wedding Reception

Once you’ve said your vows, my bet is you’ll both be ready to celebrate! On trend now is an invitation to your guests to get dressed up like they’ll actually be at your reception, play some music in the background and toast each other with some wonderful champagne! You could even open the forum and ask your guests to raise their glasses and offer a personal toast!

Future Parties

Many couples are having their virtual weddings now with plans for larger in-person receptions/vow renewals once this pandemic is over. So even if having a virtual wedding was never in your wildest dreams, why don’t you consider having a big party to celebrate sometime next year?

Yes, we are living through challenging times. But it doesn’t mean that our lives and plans need to stop. We simply need to readjust our thoughts and expectations and realize it is still possible to create a wedding you’ll always remember. 

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